Read some of the things that our guests have said about us. These are excerpts from thank-you notes that we have received. While they have nice things to say about us we are truly lucky to have such great clients to work with. You can also see reviews on our Yelp page.

— The Mountain Terrace

The Mountain Terrace is a perfect balance between beautiful venue, amazing food, affordability and staff professionalism. We’ve researched over 10 venues around the San Francisco Bay Area, and found this venue to be the best option. Here is why Beautiful – the venue is nestled within the Sequoia and Redwood trees in the Santa Cruz Mountains. It has an expansive view of the peninsula below. Amazing food – I think the coordinator mentioned that their kitchen received awards. Either way, the in-house food options were very good. Affordable – this is a good price for what you’re getting. Staff Professionalism – all of the staff were very professional and treated the guests with respect.

From my husband and I, we would like to extend our warmest gratitude to the entire crew of Mountain Terrace! You guys made our day special and ran without a glitch! Without Denise and the crew, our day wouldn’t have been as successful and perfect! Thank you to everyone at the Mountain Terrace for making our day!

I want to thank you and your team for a wonderful evening at Mountain Terrace last night. The group loved the entire experience. You AND your team could not have been more accommodating, courteous, professional. In fact, I wish to add that working with you from the get go has been a pleasure. David cooks up a mean ribeye. It was SO good! Everyone at my table cold not stop raving about it. Denise was a pleasure to work with and please thank her for the lovely floral arrangements. They looked great on the tables. Our client told us today that he wishes to run this exact same program again before the end of the year because it was so well received by everyone present. Therefore, I’m sure we’ll be talking again real soon.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. There are not enough words to express our heartfelt gratitude. We so very much respect who you are and what you represent. And most of all the love that you share. Everyone raved about the beauty of the venue and the extremely delicious food. Thank you for being there every step of the way. Our day was magical and full of love. And all that I had envisioned as my Wedding Day. Thank you so very much, again!!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great collaboration we had to make Anna’s wedding a success. You’re team is such an amazing team, the food is something to die for and the ambience such a place of romance, what can one still ask for!

What made the venue more beautiful was your wonderful team! Mel and I agree that we have never met a team so on top of things! Your timing and ability to adjust to the program was key along with your great communication! We also thoroughly enjoyed our dinner! By far thee best duck we’ve had! Thank you so much for your professionalism and for having such a great team! We hope to work with you all again and wish you the best!

The event was wonderful. The venue exceeded my expectations and Denise and Colleen were personable, professional and super attentive to every little detail and need. Bobbi was a great bar-tender and all the other support staff was pleasant, helpful and engaged. I am sooo happy we decided to go with your venue – we had many options on the table but indeed this was the best one. The care and professionalism exuded were invaluable to me, my family and our friends. You made our celebration super special and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I wanted to thank you for the lovely event that Caren, Charisse, Denise, et al. made possible for my wedding on March 5th. Everyone has been raving about the food, the bar, how much fun they had, how beautiful the place is, etc. You have great staff and if I could, I’d throw a party at TMT every year!

I want to say thank you so much to YOU (for many things really!!!) for paying such close attention to the notes I left for you and for passing all of that info along to make sure all the things I asked for happened on our wedding day. I can’t think of anything I requested that didn’t happen. It really meant a lot to me that you were so attentive and took all the requests so seriously. THANK YOU!!! David and I have both highly recommended MT to our friends and family. One of David’s friends already booked her daughter’s wedding at MT for next summer.

I was recently in a wedding at Mountain Terrace. I just wanted to make sure I sent a thank you to everyone involved. Your staff was fantastic. I happen to be the only girl on the groom’s side and I wore a tux, and your staff was so cute about it. “girl wearing a tux? very cool!” Stuff like that. There were two women I wanted to give a special thanks to… Denise and Charisse. They were AMAZING!!! If we needed anything, they would bend over backwards to make it happen. Can’t say enough about them. Thank you again for making that magical day even more magical.

The entire family wants to tell you what a fabulous job you and your staff did at the rehearsal dinner. Everything was just as we had anticipated and the food was absolutely excellent. The tables and chairs (along with the candle center pieces that we provided) looked extremely elegant. The way your staff decorated the buffet table with plants and decorations made a beautiful food presentation as well. The hors d’oeuvres were served hot and there was not one person that your staff missed while the appetizers were being offered. The main course was also superbly delicious and the assorted miniature desserts could not have been more perfect. All the guests were very impressed and we were very satisfied with your company’s performance. We would not hesitate to use your company again.

THANK YOU for a beautiful, magical night we will always remember. We had endless raves about the venue all night long, and Rob and I just loved it and the layout was excellent for the party’s energy. Your staff rocked big time, and I was amazed at how smoothly the meal was served, tables were cleaned, and everything was cleaned up by the end of the night. I anticipated a much tougher exit, and you guys did all the heavy lifting. The chef also deserves a big thank you, and that meal was the best I’ve ever had at a wedding (and guests reported the same) — fine restaurant quality. Also, there were indeed still last minute changes and I appreciate how expertly you guys attended to these matters. So incredibly happy we had our event at Mountain Terrace — I will treasure it.

We’d also like to thank the Chef and kitchen folks for pulling off our veggie feast. While there were a few ‘where’s the meat’ jokes (as to be expected), everyone really loved all the food (as did we for a number of nights to follow!). We hope you can use aspects of our wedding as a reference for similar ‘green wedding’ requests in the future. And thanks to you for all the help in planning for the event, and for being so open and receptive to our questions and requests. We will highly recommend The Mountain Terrace at every opportunity.

On the behalf of everyone involved with putting the wedding together from our end, I wanted to thank you and your staff for running a beautiful, absolutely first-class operation. From the setting to the excellent dinner and service from your very capable staff, the day couldn’t have been any better for Brian and Diana’s wedding. As an example of how “on top of it” your staff was, my wife Maya was getting an extra plate from the buffet line for her mother, who has problems getting around. One of your staff saw that and offered to put the plate together and took the plate right over to her mother. Seemingly small things like that really make a big difference, and it was just one of many examples of what you and your staff do for the customers to make an extraordinary event. We will certainly be referring Mountain Terrace to any of our family and friends looking for a wonderful outdoor setting for their events. Thank you again for making our son and new daughter-in-law’s day truly memorable!

What a great chance to reminisce and wax nostalgic about what is hands down the best day of my LIFE. Ben and I seriously had no idea we would enjoy the day as much as we did – and it’s all thanks to you! Everything about the day was perfect – and our friends and family still say, ‘Where did you FIND the Mountain Terrace? It was SO beautiful, and so you guys!’ We really owe you so much, Caren. You were so wonderful to work with, and now you’re always going to be in our hearts. One thing I’ll never forget is you coming to us with hors d’oeuvres while we were taking pictures. I was famished, and you were like this angel from Heaven. Seriously. Your presence was just so calm, soothing, you were so present, so nurturing, and so professional … just couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thank you again, Caren. Ben and I would do it all over again, just to work with you again!

I just wanted to give a big shout out to Caren, Denise, Charisse and your staff for a job well done! Thank you for attending to the endless details and our endless questions…we really appreciate your patience and professionalism. The wedding came off without a hitch from our standpoint and that of our guests, as many have come forward with compliments on the beauty of the venue and the overall event. You have a beautiful venue with the added value of allowing us to personalize it to our tastes. I also want to say that we received many compliments on the food. And we all appreciated Denise and her service with a smile. It’s clear that you all love what you do.

I just wanted to thank you and all the staff at The Mountain Terrace. You really made my (our LOL) exact vision come true and I am so grateful! The venue and set up looked stunning!! The food was wonderful (I’m still hearing raving about those ravioli!) and the service was fantastic. So thank you guys again for the hard work and making our wedding such a memorable experience.

Grace and John will be giving you a glowing review on Weddingwire etc. when they return from their honeymoon but I wanted to add my personal thanks for all you did to make their wedding the wonderful celebration it was for them. From our first contact, every single interaction with the entire staff was welcoming and supportive and we are grateful to you all for making it a positive experience for us. We so appreciated Emily’s skilled handling of the changes that day and the way she worked with the experienced staff to smooth over any gaffs that arose as a result of miscommunication between the families. And we would like to thank all of you for your planning expertise and sage advice as well as the extra work that was involved in making the last minute arrangements we had not anticipated. The guests all raved about the beauty of the venue and the fabulous food and service (the woman with the food allergy was especially appreciative of the care that was taken for her) and I’m sure it will be a wonderful memory for all.

Thank you!!!

We are over the moon delighted with the way every thing turned out on Friday. I am totally and completely exhausted, but elated and delirious about the magical wedding that you helped to orchestrate. You were beyond fantastic and all of us appreciate your efforts on our behalf, more than we can say. From creating the perfect weather (that was you wasn’t it?) to answering the questions, to insuring that it all flowed, and LOADING THE VAN (huge help). You are the best and I am happy to shout it from the rooftops, or Alice’s Restaurant at the very least. THANK YOU times a million….hope to see you sometime running around town, so I can exclaim how wonderful you are. And by the way the Pimm’s cup drinks were fantastic – this from the Brit’s. The staff was amazing, the food incredible (especially those tuna cones), and the service impeccable. Truly the best wedding ever….


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