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Heirloom Tomato – bocconcini, basil pesto (GF)
Watermelon Carpaccio – melon, radish, cucumber, lemon oil, ricotta cheese, toasted garam masala, mint (GF)
Gazpacho – grape, garlic, toasted almond, cucumber, yoghurt, dill (GF, V option)
Summer Gazpacho – tomato, strawberry, almond (GF, V) (June – October)
Spring Roll – lettuce, crispy vegetables, herbs, glass noodles, peanut or sweet and spicy sauce (GF, V)
Spanish Torta – egg, onion, potato, roasted squash omelet, almond romesco (GF)
Raw Albacore – tuna tartare, sesame scented, togarashi spice, in a crisp cone (DF)
Crab Salad – nori cracker, avocado mousse
“Catch of the Day” Crudo – raw local catch, citrus, radish, herbs (GF, DF)
Smoked Local Fish Pate – sliced cucumber (GF)
Prawn – cherry tomato, melon (GF, DF)
Mussels en Escabeche – pickled cold mussel, in shell (GF, DF)
Raw Oyster – on the half shell, seasonal garnish
Duck Breast Croustade – toasted baguette or sope (GF), seasonal fruit mostarda (DF)
Thai Chicken Salad – spiced chicken, shredded root vegetable salad, endive cup (GF, DF)
Beef or Lamb Tartare – sirloin, caper mayo, shallot (GF)


Cheese Board Assortment – local artisanal bread, crackers
Assorted Charcuteries – cornichon, olives, mustard, house pickled vegetables, local artisanal breads, crackers ($1 additional per person)
Freshly Sliced Fruit Selection – (GF, V) (May – September)
Roasted Almonds – smoked paprika, rosemary (GF,DF)
Raw and Cooked Vegetables – seasonal dip or hummus (GF)


Mac ‘n Cheese – parmesan cup (GF option)
Seasonal Soup – ask about seasonal options (GF, V option)
Local Bean Falafel – cucumber, tzatziki (GF, V option)
Mushroom Flatbread – foraged mushrooms, mascarpone cheese, trufe oil
Sautéed Padron Pepper – nasturtium vinegar (GF, DF) (late July – August)
Chickpea Panisse – spicy beet, walnut, yogurt hummus (GF, DF option)
Squash Latke – romesco, pesto or turmeric yogurt (GF option, DF option)
Stuffed Squash Blossom – basil pesto, ricotta (GF, DF option)
Greens Beignet – seasonal aioli (DF option)
Crispy Brussels Sprout – bacon jam, apple gastrique or goat cheese (GF, DF option, V option)
Petite Roll – lobster or crab salad, buttered brioche roll
Clam Chowder Shooter – bacon, potato, cream in clam shell
Prawn – bold spiced, charred (GF)
Shrimp Corndog – horseradish mustard (GF option)
Spicy Shrimp Popper – shrimp mousse, in halved-pickled jalapeño
Dungeness Crab Cake – chili aioli
Stuffed Squid – rice and chorizo stufed squid, squid ink sauce (GF, DF)
Pulled Pork Slider – barbecue pork, apple slaw, pickle, roll (DF)
Lemongrass Meatball in Pho – beef and pork meatball, star anise-basil scented broth (GF)
Lamb Flatbread – ground lamb, grilled cumin fatbread, yoghurt, onion, herbs (DF option)
Bell Pepper Shishido – stufed with sausage (August-October)
Bacon Wrapped Date – goat cheese (GF)
Chicken Wing Piri Piri – garlic, chile, lemon (GF, DF)
Swedish Meatball – cream and dill sauce (GF)


Heirloom Tomato Caprese – tomatoes, basil, mozzarella (GF, V option); burrata upgrade
Caesar – brioche croutons, parmesan frico, garlic-lemon dressing (GF option)
Primavera Salad – butter lettuce, garden vegetables, sunfower seeds, herbs, spring garlic-chervil vinaigrette (GF, V)
Baby Kale – golden raisin vinaigrette, frisee, poached egg, crisp chi-chi beans
Roasted Beet and Seasonal Fruit – citrus-roasted beets, fruit, shaved fennel, avocado, peppery arugula (GF, V)
Apple Salad – celery, radish, bitter greens, blue cheese, cabernet vinaigrette (GF)
Spinach – strawberry, almonds, goat cheese, aged sherry vinaigrette (GF, V option) (June – December)
Delicata Squash – roasted peppers, bitter greens, burrata, pomegranate vinaigrette (GF, DF option) (fall only)
Grilled Summer Fruits – spicy greens, almonds, honey ricotta (GF)
Summer Fruits and Heirloom Tomatoes – burrata, arugula, lemon vinaigrette (GF, DF option)
Greek Salad – cucumber, cherry tomatoes, feta, castelvetrano olives, romaine, red onion, red wine-oregano vinaigrette (GF, DF option)
Roasted Carrots – arugula, pickled beets, dukkah, citrus, walnuts



Petrale Sole – vegetable mirepoix, brown butter, capers (GF)
Halibut Italian – salsa verde, breadcrumbs (GF option, DF)
Cooked Halibut – ceviche style, cherry tomato, cucumber, pepper, cilantro, citrus
Salmon – lemon vinaigrette or sauce vierge, on a bed of kale (GF, DF)
Dorado – tortilla crusted, roasted chiles, smoked tomatillo sauce, lime (GF)


Coq au Vin – red wine braised chicken thigh, sautéed mushroom, shallot, bacon (GF)
Grilled Liberty Duck Breast – blood orange, fruit marmelade (GF)
Duck Leg – slow braised, seasonal fruit chutney flled pepper, tomatillo relish (GF)
Chicken Marsala – chicken breast, mushroom, sweet marsala wine sauce (GF)
Chicken Piri Piri – vinegar and chile marinated grilled chicken (GF, DF)


Porchetta – garlic, herb, broccoli-white bean compote (GF, DF)
Tri Tip – sea salt-crusted and roasted, salsa of hardboiled egg, herb sauce, peppery arugula or chimuchurri sauce (GF)
Lamb Rack – mustard crust, olive-artichoke tapenade (GF, DF) ($6 additional per person)
Braised Brisket – caramelized onion compote, red wine au jus (GF, DF)
Prime Rib – salt, pepper, slow roasted, with horseradish cream (GF, DF option) (market price)
Flatiron Steak – romesco sauce (G, DF)
Pork Tenderloin – mole sauce (GF, DF)


Vegetarian Paella – “soyrizo” sausage, bell pepper, artichoke, peas, safron rice (GF, V)
Ricotta Ravioli – nasturtium beurre blanc fondue, roasted squash
Cornmeal Crusted Tofu – pumpkin seed mole (GF, V)
Thai Curry – rice, vegetables, coconut curry broth (GF)
Cavatelli al Pomodori – marinara, basil, seasonal vegetables, parmesan cheese (GF option, V option)
Vegetable Lasagne – open faced, seasonal vegetables, ricotta (GF)
Eggplant Picatta – grilled eggplant, caper lemon butter sauce (GF, DF option)
Stuffed Winter Squash – barley, foraged mushroom, leek, brussels sprout (GF option, DF) (winter months only)
Polenta – polenta square, roasted vegetables, pesto sauce (GF, DF)
Roasted Hen of the Woods Mushrooms – roasted vegetable, celery root puree, herb sauce (GF, DF)
Pierogi – potato, braised artichoke broth, fava beans (DF)



Organic Barley and Quinoa Salad – arugula, roasted vegetable, lemon herb vinaigrette (V)
Onion and Chard Panade – baked bread casserole, onion, garlic, gruyère cheese, chard
Mashed Potato – creamy mashed potato, brown butter (GF)
Crushed Potato – crème fraiche, scallion (GF)


Succotash – corn, beans, pepper, tomato (GF, V)
Braised Peas with Pancetta – sweet spring peas, carrots slow cooked with pancetta, spring onion (GF)
Ratatouille – provençal vegetables, tomato, herbs (GF, V)
Caponata – eggplant, sweet pepper, tomato, caper, pine nut, mint (GF, DF)
Bean Salad – pole beans, legumes, zesty herb vinaigrette (GF)
Roasted Carrots – grill charred, olive oil, sea salt, rosemary (GF, DF)
Stuffed Tomato – garden vegetables, farro (GF option, DF)
Grilled Asparagus – lemon vinaigrette (GF, DF) (spring)
Roasted Root Vegetables – mélange roasted vegetables (GF)


Freshly Baked Local Artisan Rolls – served with sweet cream butter
Freshly Brewed Dark Roast Coffee and Tea Selection – presented in elegant silver urns

We are always pleased to accommodate special requests or dietary restrictions upon request.

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